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  • Still under doubt
    Let's simplify the two terms- Tele Consulting Vs Tele Medicine
    We are into Tele-consulting and not into Tele-medicine and here we stand out.

    Read this top 5 reasons to know more about the BIG DIFFERENCE between these two simple terminologies. Please note this is a generic discussion and maybe few not fall into the said points.
  • Cost

    We are Pocket Friendly!!
    Tele Consulting (that's we do) is all about exclusive consultation from your Doctor. Selling own brand medicine is not the motto here. Hence we are less expensive.

    They are Costlier!!
    As telemedicine includes medicine with retail price, consulting fees, logistic charges etc etc and hence you pay more.


    We prefer multi-brand medicine.
    We, like you, hate compulsive marketing. We prioritise on effectiveness of medicine than make it monopoly.

    They will sell you only one brand medicine.
    Unfortunately, you don't know the exact composition of it and thus its effectiveness.


    We have exclusive Doctor.
    You have Dr. Rasmita Raiguru both as your family doctor as well as our brand ambassador.Find more detail on our website.

    They have no exclusive Doctor.
    It is very much possible that the brand ambassador of the telemedicine company will never talk to you even once in your lifetime due to some unsatisfactory reason(s)!!!


    We prefer classical medicine to patent medicine in our every prescription depending on diagnosis of disease. Always remember that classical medicine are time-tested and suggested by Pioneer of Ayurveda like Maharshi Charaka/ Sushruta/ Vagbhata etc.

    The chance of prescribing classical medicine is almost ZERO here.


    We are determined to share at least 1% of our profit for the betterment of our society.

    The great value system is not expected in telemedicine genera as it is more into business and less into an occupation.

We are sure, that after reading the above detail, you will take a conscious decision on choosing The Raiguru Ayurveda this time and always.
Thank You.

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